Helsinki - Planned Urban Expansions

Some of our master- plans are a sub-set of plans for satellite towns around public transport hubs on the edge of major cities, which currently don't exist at all. The task is to make the new centre able to be built in phases and to respond to the needs of the wider community until the new residential and employment areas start to emerge. An example of this is a scheme in Kivisto, Helsinki, Finland.

It takes a particular skill to get the planned scalability right so that at each stage there is a viable commercial proposition. A proposal for the development of a new settlement has to appeal to all key stakeholders. Often working with specialist development agents and urban designers, Add Architects can develop area masterplans - which will capture the hearts and minds of investors, developers, retailers, cultural guardians and politicians. At Add we understand the steps that need to be taken to initiate and grow these settlements in real world conditions. We can communicate our vision visually, intellectually and commercially to all stakeholders.