The Northern Quarter, Dublin

The Northern Quarter was conceived as a major re-generation of the Dublin north-side shopping centres. Dublin is unusual for a City of this size in having two prime retail pitches, one north and one south of the river Liffey - some distance apart with the leisure quarter of Temple Bar in-between. I t was therefore important to understand and explain how the new development could play a major part in unifying the north-south divide of Dublin City Centre. I t was well-received by the City Authority and a number of its main features such as the new pedestrian crossing across the Liffey were incorporated into the Structure Plan.

The other technique we used was to predict the alterations to pedestrian flows as a result of the new development using research by Space Syntax. Thankfully their research confirmed our retail instincts and showed how the new streets would receive almost 100% of the available pedestrian foot-fall which is extraordinarily high in the immediate area.