Bray Town Centre, Eire - Cinemas, Restaurants and Retail

Redeveloping a Council owned car-park in the centre of Bray to create a Leisure and Retail destination for the region.

The aim of this scheme, a development partnership between Wicklow County Council and Navybrook, is to  seamlessly integrate a significant new retail/leisure destination into the existing retail prime pitch. This is an open development with significant dedicated pedestrian space. It aims to become the heart and hub of Bray Town Centre.

The emphasis is on relatively few larger retail  units which are currently unavailable in Bray. In addition to the larger units, there are two anchor units to deliver reliable footfall, one of which will be a food store. Bray cannot compete directly with the larger out-of-town centres but can create its own niche as a value retail destination with the emphasis on an authentic town centre shopping experience -  a real people place. The aim is to regenerate day-time retail activity and spending, and for this to continue seamlessly into the evening economy of restaurants and cinemas

On the leisure side there is  five-screen cinema  with a large "leisure box"  and specialist dining/ bar offer integrated into the overall concept. At ground level this leisure anchor will also support a family restaurant cluster , including south-facing outdoor cafe seating.

The aim is to regenerate the whole retail core area rather than become a retail island as many small “malls” often become.  It retains  250 public parking spaces on site, without expensive basements, by exploiting the existing levels.

It is on site now with completion in  spring 2020.

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