Sarasota Bayside - Waterfront Renaissance

Sarasota is an interesting coastal City on the Gulf Coast of Florida. This pivotal urban regeneration of downtown Sarasota, on a 14-acre waterfront site, will consist of over 2.5 million sq ft of retail, residential, cultural, office and leisure amenities. Planning consent has been obtained.

Sarasota has a very successful downtown retail and leisure environment. However, like many American Cities there is a significant lack of urban continuity with many gaps with parking lots beyond the prime area.

Thankfully, Sarasota is a far-sighted community and, with the help of a masterplan has developed an approach to rectifying this issue over time. Therefore Sarasota Bayside was conceived, from the outset as a missing piece of the jigsaw which aims to form one of the major links from the existing successful downtown retail and leisure areas to the a pedestrianised waterfront environment. Over 700 apartments and condominiums, and a five star condo-hotel will be located in this prestigious harbour-front site. This will add to the current large-scale downtown community.

Just beyond the site to the north lies the Cultural District, which already has a Theatre and Concert Hall. The City has plans to greatly expand this area with a mixed-use development. Taken together, these proposals aim to bring about a renaissance to Sarasota's waterfront which is currently dominated by isolated buildings and parking lots.

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