Carrickmines District Centre

The central premise of this proposal is to build on the success of the existing retail offer but to transform it into a real place by creating a mixed use district centre which comprises retail, cinemas, leisure, community and restaurant uses and local services. The proposed uses and design will ensure animation throughout the day and evening. There will be a cluster of new buildings set in a pedestrianized public realm - adjacent to a new linear park.

This type of development is an emerging form, but is becoming increasingly important as a catalyst to the successful development of satellite settlements around the edge of cities, based around transport hubs - in this case the Luas light railway.

The proposed District Centre will serve the very large and expansive existing, permitted and proposed residential areas located within the immediate vicinity of the site

The proposed District Centre will also serve the existing and permitted large scale office development within The Park, Carrickmines

The buildings form a central nucleus that fit the context and provide a civic heart to the overall development. The intention is that the architecture should delight in places and quietly enclose other spaces. To be successful, people should emotionally bond with this new development and accept it as an integral part of their daily lives.

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