New Flats, Six Hills House Car Park, Stevenage

Six Hills House is a recently -completed large PD conversion from a sixties offices building to social housing by other architects.

Our scheme uses a small and un-promising car park alongside the existing building to create  a site for  a substantial  residential building. This is a good example of Add Architect's ability  to find and realise sites where other's can't see them. The proposal is for 64 no. 1, 2 and 3 bed flats set within an eight storey building. The ground floor is given over to parking, ancillary spaces and the entrance lobbies.

We have looked to articulate the building to give it a real presence.The brick screen facing south wraps around the plan horizontally, veiling the inset balconies and finishing the west and east ends of the building. The north elevation has three strong vertical  elements,  separated by the deep-set stair recesses, that wrap over  to create a mainly-glazed  top floor

The separation of these two distinct elements helps the overall composition by allowing the individual building elements to be tall and slender, adding an additional elegance to the form.

The separate 'wraps' have been articulated in different materials; masonry for the south facing open brick screen; metal  panels for the vertically wrapped elements. These high quality materials work with the striking yet calm architectural design to create a gateway building worthy of its prominent position in Stevenage, close to the station.

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